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Haunted: The Red Lion Hotel, Spalding, Lincolnshire

| On 10, Jun 2017

The Haunted Red Lion Hotel

Market Place, Spalding PE11 1SU

Situated in Spalding’s Market Place is the 18th century Red Lion Hotel.

Over the years the hotel has got a reputation for being haunted…

On many occasions the night receptions saw bar furniture move about on its own accord.

He also saw shadowy figures walking about and vanishing through walls!

Other members of staff have reported hearing eerie phantom footsteps walking around the building in the middle of the night.

Room 28 is said to be haunted by a former maid…

On many occasions spooked guests have reported that someone unknown has run their bath for them or have left a tray on the end of their bed in the morning!

Scared members of staff have also reported hearing phantom crashing noises coming from the Market Room when it should’ve been empty.

Beer glasses are often falling off the bar on their own accord and two expensive vases were mysteriously pushed over and broken one night.

On one occasion, one poor soul was actually physically pushed over a barrel in the hotel’s cellar by some unknown force!

Mediums investigating the hotel have said that it’s haunted by a ghost of a young boy and an elderly man dressed in grey.

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