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3 Haunted Roads in Dorset

| On 05, Dec 2017

De Mauley Road

You’ll find De Mauley Road located in the Canford Cliffs area of Poole.

The road has a ghostly tale to tell…

One dark winter’s morning, one of its residents was leaving his house to go and collect his brother from the airport.

As he was backing his car out of his drive he saw a young man in a grey jogging suit walked by so he bid him good morning.

The young man totally ignored him and carried on walking down the road.

The man had to lock his driveway gates and by the time he returned to his car the young man had disappeared from sight.

As he drove along De Mauley Road he saw the young man frantically waving him down.

As he stopped the car, the very solid looking young man totally disappeared into thin air.

The man rubbed his eyes in disbelief and turned to his passenger seat where he saw the headless body of the young man sitting.

A couple of seconds later, the headless apparition faded into thin air!


The B3081

The B3081 road in East Dorset connects the villages of Cranborne and Sixpenny Handley.

About eighty years ago a local archaeologist was returning home from a dig near Bournemouth along the road.

When he passed Squirrels Corner he suddenly became aware of a man on horseback travelling in the same direction as him on the chalk downs.

The rider turned the horse towards his car and as they got closer the archaeologist noticed that the rider wore a long loose coat and had bare legs.

The horse didn’t have any stirrups or bridle and as the rider turned to face the archaeologist he realised that he’s face was featureless.

The phantom rider was also carrying some type of two foot long weapon which he was carry in his right hand above his head in a threatening manner.

The archaeologist suddenly realised that he was witnessing an apparition of a prehistoric man!

As the horse and rider got closer they disappeared into thin air.

A couple of years later, two local teenage girls made a complaint to the police in Sixpenny Handley that they were followed and frighten by a man on horseback when they returned from a dance in Cranborne along the B3081.

Apparently, this ghostly prehistoric rider has also been seen on Bottlebush Down.


The A35

The A35 is a road in the south of England which connects Honiton in Devon to Southampton in Hampshire.

On the stretch of the road by the West Dorset village of Puddletown, night time drivers have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a woman.

She’s known to appear by the side of the road only at certain times of the year.

She typically steps out into traffic often causing drivers to brake heavily to avoid her.

Witnesses describe her as having long dark hair and being ashen in appearance!

Just by the Plain on the A35 you’ll find a large lay-by which has a public toilet and a café situated in it.

This part of the A35 is said to be haunted by a phantom motorcyclist.

Witnesses who’ve stopped in the lay-by late at night to use the facilities have reported hearing him roar pass on his motorcycle.

One evening an off duty policeman saw a motorcyclist standing in the lay-by as he drove pass but the motorcyclist didn’t have his bike with him.

Concerned that he’d come off it, the off-duty policeman turned around to see if he’d needed any help.

As he entered the lay-by, the motorcyclist had totally disappeared!

The policeman described the phantom motorcyclist as wearing black leathers and a dull blue helmet.

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