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Haunted: Seckford Hall, Woodbridge, Suffolk

Haunted: Seckford Hall, Woodbridge, Suffolk

| On 13, May 2017

The Haunted Seckford Hall

Great Bealings, Woodbridge IP13 6NU

Seckford Hall is an old Tudor house dating back to the 1530s just to the south west of Woodbridge.

The hall was originally built as the family home for Thomas Seckford who was an official at the court of Queen Elizabeth I.

The hall is said to be haunted by Sir Thomas Seckford himself…

His ghostly apparition is often seen by terrified witnesses wandering around the hall in the dead of night.

He’s said to be wearing a steeple crowned hat, white clothing and carrying his wand of office.

He’s said to be angry because the money he left in the Seckford Trust for the poor of the area was instead embezzled by the rich!

Today, Seckford Hall is a fine hotel which if you’re feeling brave enough you can spend the night at…

You never know you may come across Sir Thomas in the middle of the night!

Click Here to Stay the Night at Seckford Hall