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Haunted: The Selsdon Park Hotel, Croydon, London

| On 07, Jun 2017

The Haunted Selsdon Park Hotel

126 Addington Road, South Croydon CR2 8YA

Just off the Addington Road in South Croydon you’ll find the luxury Selsdon Park Hotel.

The hotel is housed in a former Victorian country mansion which was once the seat of the Bishops of Rochester.

Over the years the stunning hotel has gain a reputation for being haunted…

A ghostly apparition of a maid has been spotted walking along one of the hotel’s corridors carrying a lighted candle on a flat metal plate.

She’s believed to be the ghost of a former maid who sadly committed suicide in the 1930s.

It’s said that she was seduced by the wealthy son of the owner of Selson Park but was abandoned by him soon afterwards.

Utterly distraught with shame she killed herself by jumping from an upstairs window.

Witnesses who’ve seen her have described her as wearing a flowing 1930s grey dress.

One spooked guest even witnessed her ghostly form appear in his bathroom mirror just as he got into his bath!

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