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Haunted: The Shoeburyness Hotel, Shoeburyness, Essex

Haunted: The Shoeburyness Hotel, Shoeburyness, Essex

| On 12, May 2017


The Haunted Shoeburyness Hotel

1 High Street, Shoeburyness, Southend-on-Sea SS3 9AJ

There’s an old historic listed Victorian building in Shoeburyness at No.1 High Street called the Shoeburyness Hotel…

Yep, you guess it… it’s said to be haunted!

A young Victorian boy, a little girl, a lady in a wheelchair, a snoring man and a man in the cellar are all of the ghosts which are said to haunt the Shoeburyness Hotel.

Terrified witnesses have heard unexplained eerie footsteps in the dark cellar…

One of the hotel’s barmaids was scared witless in the cellar when she saw the ghostly apparition of a man standing as clear as day in front of her and then quickly disappearing into thin air!

Today the building is no longer a hotel.

But it’s been renovated into a nice looking bar and eatery.


FEATURED HAUNTED HOTEL: The Queen Hotel, Chester

The Queen Hotel is said to be haunted by the ghost of a little girl.

She’s said to haunt the area of a former nursery which was once situated on the second floor of the hotel.

Women guests have reported the little girl ghost has sneaked up behind them and pulled their hair before making her escape!

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