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Haunted: Shrieking Boy Wood, Thundersley, Essex

Haunted: Shrieking Boy Wood, Thundersley, Essex

| On 15, Jun 2017

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It's said to be haunted by the ghost of a young girl called Emily who committed suicide at the castle.

Her ghostly apparition has been seen by terrified witnesses in and around the Herstmonceux Room!

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The Hauntings of Shrieking Boy Wood

There’s a wood in Thundersley which the locals have nicknamed Shrieking Boy Wood!

Recently, children too young to know about the gruesome legend of the Shrieking Boy got the shock of their lives when they went to play in the woods.

Next to the entrance of the wood they witnessed the terrifying sight of a ghostly figure of a boy screaming at them!

Now, there are a few variations to the ghost story of the shrieking boy.

The first goes back to 1734.

And it goes something like this…

A woodsman was working with a young lad in the copse at the end of Kingsley Lane in Thundersley.

The boy was very lazy.

One day the youngster wasn’t pulling his weight which made the short tempered woodsman lose his rag.

In a fit of anger, he swung his sharp axe at the boy’s head resulting in decapitating him!

Panicking, he hid the lad’s corpse in a hollow tree in the woodland.

At first, he told anybody who asked after the boy that the youngster had run away because he didn’t want to work.

But, guilt got a hold of the woodsman.

He started to drink heavily in his local watering hole the White Hart.

Meanwhile, ghostly screams where being heard coming from the woods by passers-by.

Some locals even witnessed the shocking apparition of the boy next to the wood’s entrance shrieking at them!

Eventually, enough was enough…

The guilt ridden woodsman broke down in the pub.

He confessed to the White Hart’s locals that he murdered the boy and hid his body in a hollow tree!

Another version of this story is that a farm worker had a violent argument with a young boy which resulted in the tragic death of the youngster.

The farm worker then secretly buried the lifeless corpse of the boy.

From the time that the murder took place eerie screams would be heard coming from the woods.

The ghostly screams suddenly stopped when the drunken farm worker admitted killing the boy to the other drinkers in the White Hart.

Another version of this ghost story states that there was no murder…

The boy was in fact tragically knocked over and killed by a passing horse and carriage!

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