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Haunted: Spring Lodge, Witham, Essex

Haunted: Spring Lodge, Witham, Essex

| On 14, Jun 2017



The Hauntings at Spring Lodge

On Powers Hall End road in Witham there’s a community centre called Spring Lodge.

The centre was opened in 1973.

It consists of a nursery, a main hall, a reception area, a bar and five meeting rooms all surrounding another hall which was once an ancient 16th century barn.

The old barn is not only the hub of the community centre but it also believed to be the hub for the majority of paranormal activity which takes place at Spring Lodge.

Frightened members of staff have often seen the top half of a dark ghostly figure resembling a monk floating along the centre’s hallways!

It’s believed that the old barn was once connected to St Nicholas Church on Chipping Hill by underground tunnels.



Maybe this is why the spirit of the phantom monk is seen at the centre?

The centre is also believed to be haunted by a child spirit.

Stunned members of staff have often witnessed a ghostly figure of a small child throughout the centre.

The child’s apparition has even been seen in the rafters of the old barn!

On one occasion a stunned member of staff reported coming into the nursery room first thing in the morning to find all the toys strewn around the place as though children had just been playing with them moments before.

When in fact the room had been locked all night!

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