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Ghost Story: St Andrews Church, Netherton, Dudley, West Midlands

| On 11, Sep 2017

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The Haunting of St Andrews Church

Nick has sent me his ghost story from when he was a young lad in the early 1990s…

My story took place on a cold Sunday November afternoon in the early 90s (1992 i think), My Cousin, Brother and I, were on the way to St Andrews church, Netherton, Dudley, Pushing our bikes up the steep hill at the rear of the church from the canal, the hill was (and still is) overgrown with tall grass and short round bushes and was rumoured to be the unmarked burial ground for victims of the black death, so quiet a spooky place anyway.

At the time it was thought (by us) that the hill at the back of the church was a ‘No Go Zone’ and we thought we would have got a good telling off if we were caught there, but still we pushed our bmx’s towards the top of the hill.

Through the long grass and past the short bushes we pushed on, just then as we neared the top of the hill, I had looked up and caught sight of ‘a vicar’ with his black labrador dog a few feet in front of him. ‘Oh no’ i whispered, ‘there’s the vicar!’ (A little worried that we were going to be told off). The Vicar stopped suddenly and turned towards us as we continued to walk behind a thin tall bush (no more than 2 feet wide). It was then, as we emerged from the other side of it (must have taken less than 1 and a half seconds) that the vicar and his dog had completely disappeared, nowhere to be seen, vanished into thin air. Where could he have gone? and why? and there was no way he could have called his black dog back to him in that 1 and a half seconds.

We stood at the top of the hill for a few seconds just calling for him to ‘come out’ and then it hit us, at that point we must have set a new landspeed record on bmxs and peddled as fast as we could back home.

I would like to thank Nick for sending me his story and for giving me permission to share it with you.