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Haunted: St Andrew’s Church, Walberswick, Suffolk

Haunted: St Andrew’s Church, Walberswick, Suffolk

| On 27, Jun 2017

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The Haunting of St Andrew’s Church

In the churchyard of St Andrew’s in Walberswick, there are some old creepy medieval ruins.

In the late warm afternoon of July 1931 the author George Orwell was amongst these ruins carrying out some research for a book of his.

It was here amongst the medieval ruins that he witnessed the apparition of a figure.

He wrote this to his friend about his ghostly encounter…

Above is W’wick church as well as I can remember it.

At about 5.20 pm on 27.7.31 I was sitting at the spot marked*, looking out in the direction of the dotted arrow.

I happened to glance over my shoulder, & saw a figure pass along the line of the other arrow, disappearing behind the masonry & presumably emerging into the churchyard.

I wasn’t looking directly at it & so couldn’t make out more than that it was a man’s figure, small & stooping, & dressed in lightish brown; I should have said a workman.

I had the impression that it glanced towards me in passing, but I made out nothing of the features.

At the moment of its passing I thought nothing, but a few seconds later it struck me that the figure had made no noise, & I followed it out into the churchyard.

There was no one in the churchyard & no one within possible distance along the road—this was about 20 seconds after I had seen it; & in any case there were only 2 people in the road, & neither at all resembled the figure.

I looked into the church.

The only people there were the vicar, dressed in black, & a workman who, as far as I remember, had been sawing the whole time. In any case he was too tall for the figure.

The figure had therefore vanished. Presumably an hallucination.

Now, many locals have witnessed this mysterious figure both before and after Orwell’s ghostly encounter…

Those witnesses, described the ghost as a Victorian gentlemen or churchwarden.

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