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Haunted: St Osyth Priory, St Osyth, Essex

Haunted: St Osyth Priory, St Osyth, Essex

| On 15, Jun 2017


The Hauntings of St Osyth Priory

The Bishop of London Richard de Beauvays founded St Osyth Priory in 1121.

It became one of the great Augustinian Abbeys of Europe until Henry VIII dissolved it in 1539.

It’s been said that the ghost of St Osyth herself has been seen walking through the Priory grounds carrying her severed head in her hands!

But, there have been other reports of hauntings at this medieval priory too.

The Priory housed a convalescent home from 1948 for thirty plus years.

Joyce was a nurse who worked at the priory in the late 1970s.

One day she was called by the cleaning lady who told her ‘the carpet had been trying to throw her up against the wall’!

At first Joyce was puzzled.

But then she witnessed the carpet move violently which resulted in the cleaning lady being thrown against the wall.

Apparently, this had happened twice before to the poor old cleaning lady.

She subsequently left never to return to the Priory again.

This wasn’t the only paranormal event Joyce witnessed.

On another occasion she came across a person in the laundry room.

She asked if they had permission to be there and they just simply vanished into thin air right in front of her!

She later discovered that other people had seen an apparition of a monk walk through the laundry room wall.

In fact, one of the more famous of the Priory’s apparitions being witnessed at night is that of a white monk carrying a lighted candle.

Not surprisingly apparitions of monks tend to be the flavour of the day at the priory.

Patients at the Priory’s convalescent home witness a group of monks walking through an archway near to where the monks’ graveyard was located…

Apparently, there were no living monks on the premises at that time!

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