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Discover Who Haunts Bitterne’s Station Pub

| On 30, Dec 2016

The Station pub is said to be HAUNTED BY MANY GHOSTS!

You’ll find the Station pub along Bullar Road in the eastern Southampton suburb of Bitterne.


The community pub dates back to 1880.

And over the years it has gained a reputation for being haunted…


Ghostly Goings-on at the Station

The Station’s ladies toilet is said to be haunted by a ghost who likes to tap people on the shoulder.

It’s believed the ghost is a spirit of lady who was once a regular at the Station for many years.

The pub’s cellar is said to be haunted by a ghost who doesn’t like the door to be shut.

If the door does get shut the spirit will throw objects about the place.

The kitchen is another part of the pub where weird stuff happens…

On one occasion staff members were scared witless after seeing a plate lift off a shelf and then fall to the ground as though somebody invisible had taken the plate off the shelf and dropped it!

One member of staff once heard phantom whistling coming from the empty dry store room.

And a tall ghostly figure has been caught on the pub’s CCTV system standing up against the wall in the pool room!



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