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Haunted: Stevington, Bedfordshire

| On 17, Jul 2017


The Ghosts of Stevington

In the centre of the village you cannot but fail to see a large 13th century stone cross which was erected by Hugh II the Bishop of Lincoln.

Local legend says that in a house nearby lived a man who had a reputation amongst the villagers for being a miser.

He hoarded his money and never gave a penny away!

One day he was taken ill and rushed to hospital where he unfortunately died.

But now it seems like his spirit has returned to his former home.

Locals say that his ghost is searching for his hoarded money!

If you head along Church Road from the cross you’ll come to the impressive medieval St Mary the Virgin Church.

Terrified witnesses have reported seeing a shadowy figure wandering around the church grounds.

They describe the ghostly figure as wearing a large hat and cape.

Apparently he looks like the figure from the Sandemans Port bottle!

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