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Haunted: Tickle Manor, Lavenham, Suffolk

| On 25, Jun 2017


The Haunting of Tickle Manor

Along the Lavenham High Street there’s an old building which dates back to 1532 called Tickle Manor.

Tickle Manor is the home to the haunted Tickled Pink Tearoom…

A ghostly apparition of a blonde lady has been witnessed at the tearoom not only by the owner but also her son and members of staff too.

One day the owner caught a glimpse of a misty blonde figure at the foot of the tearoom’s stairs before it vanished in front of her very eyes.

When she asked a member of staff whether she too saw the blonde apparition, she reported that she had taken an order from a similar lady but when she returned with her order the woman had totally vanished.

One night the owner’s son bravely tried to spend a whole night alone at the tearoom.

He didn’t last too long.

He too witnessed a ghostly apparition of a woman on the stairs leaning on her elbows and staring at him intently!

Embarrassed customers to the tearoom have reported using the upstairs loo only to find the toilet’s locked door to mysteriously open on its own accord.

Members of staff at the tearoom have also reported the sound of phantom church bells and voices of unknown children singing Greensleeves.

There’s another weird fact about the tearoom…

Clocks place at the top of the original stairs have never worked properly…

You see, for some reason they’ve all seemed to stop working at ten to eight!

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