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Haunted: Walter Linnett’s Cottage, Bradwell-on-Sea, Essex

Haunted: Walter Linnett’s Cottage, Bradwell-on-Sea, Essex

| On 20, Jun 2017


The Haunting of Walter Linnett’s Cottage

Walter Linnett was a professional wildfowler who lived in Bradwell-on-Sea at the turn of the century.

He made his living from shooting wildfowl.

He lived in a tiny cottage on the edge of the saltmarsh about 100 meters from the chapel of St Peter-on-the-Wall.

The cottage was originally built in 1798 by the Admiralty in order to house two naval officers whose job was to man a nearby signalling station.

When the Napoleonic wars ended the signalling station was closed down and it’s thought that the Linnett family then moved into the cottage.

Generations of the family lived at the cottage until 1958 when sadly Walter Linnett died at the grand old age of 80.

The cottage is now owned by the RSPB.

They use it as a base and overnight accommodation for their bird watching members.

Some of these bird watchers have reported to have seen a ghostly figure peering through the cottage windows at them…

And, some of them have even been woken up by a spooky apparition of man standing over them.

Many believe that this man is Walter Linnett… and his not too happy with outsiders scaring his precious birds!

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