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Read About the Hauntings at the Waterside Inn, Shoreham-by-Sea

| On 04, Oct 2016

The Waterside Inn is said to be HAUNTED BY GHOSTLY NUNS AND MONKS!

Along Ferry Road in the West Sussex seaside town of Shoreham-by-Sea you’ll find the Waterside Inn.


The pub overlooks the River Adur and was built on the site of an old Carmelite nunnery.

The former owners of the Waterside Inn reported that it was haunted…


The Ghosts of the Waterside Inn

The previous owners reported seeing ghostly apparitions of nuns and monks wandering around the Waterside Inn.

Recent owners of the pub were convinced it was haunted by a poltergeist as they would often hear chairs being moved about in the middle of the night by somebody unknown!

They believed the cellar was haunted too because they would often feel sudden temperature drops, their pet dogs would refuse to go down into the cellar and the beer would suddenly go flat as the gas would mysteriously be turned off.


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