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Haunted: The White Hart, West Mersea, Essex

Haunted: The White Hart, West Mersea, Essex

| On 14, Jun 2017


The Hauntings at the White Hart

There’s an old 13th century pub in West Mersea near the Church of St Peter and St Paul called the White Hart.

Well… it’s haunted!

An apparition of a lady wearing a blue velvet gown and holding a blue velvet muff is often seen at the inn.

She’s believed to be the wife of General D’Wit and is said to be looking for him…

You see, he liked a tipple or two in the pub after hours!

Upstairs in the White Hart is supposed to be haunted by a honeymooning couple.

Their tragic story goes something like this…

About a century ago they spent a night at the inn and in the morning they left by pony and trap.

Unfortunately, whilst they were crossing the causeway a nasty wind blew up which spooked the horse and they were thrown into the cold water where they were both tragically drowned!

There’s one more haunting at the White Hart… and this time it’s less tragic!

You see, it’s believed that the cellar is haunted by a big Labrador that once belonged to Leo Smith who was a former landlord of the White Hart.

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THE RED LION HOTEL: One of the Most Haunted Places in Essex!

The Red Lion Hotel is said to be haunted by three ghosts.

The ghost of a small boy, a monk and a lady called Alice Catherine Millar.

Alice was believed to have been a chambermaid who worked at the Red Lion who was brutally murdered by her lover in the hotel.

Her ghostly apparition has been seen in the hotel’s kitchen and in Rooms 5, 6 and 10.

Another ghostly apparition seen at the Red Lion is that of a hooded monk

He’s often witnessed in the early hours of the morning walking along the hotel’s corridors

The final ghost believed to haunt this historic hotel is that of a small boy

He's seen by children in the Parliament Restaurant which was once the old Banqueting Hall.

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