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Haunted: The White Horse, Great Baddow, Essex

Haunted: The White Horse, Great Baddow, Essex

| On 18, Jun 2017


The Haunting of the White Horse

The White Horse pub which is close to St Mary’s church is said to be haunted by two ghosts.

Many years ago there was a little farm near Duffield Road in Great Baddow.

Well, the workers on this farm worshipped at St Mary’s church.

And, after the church service they would go across the road and have a drink in the White Horse pub.

On one December day there was a violent alcohol fuelled argument between the farm workers and the church bell ringers.

Resulting in one of the workers killing a church bell ringer on the stairs of the pub!

During the murder, somehow the worker broke his leg.

He fled the scene and managed to hobble to the top of the St Mary’s church tower to hide.

But whilst he was trying to hide he tripped over some loose bell rope and plunged to his death over the tower’s battlements!

It’s now said that both the murderer and his victim haunt the stairwell of the White Horse.

So, if you ever visit the White Horse pub around the 20th December, you may just hear ghostly phantom footsteps coming down the stairs to greet you!

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