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Haunted: Woolpit, Suffolk

Haunted: Woolpit, Suffolk

| On 27, Jun 2017


The Haunting of Woolpit

Many centuries ago wolfs were a common sight in this area of Suffolk.

The village was well known for its wolf pits which were dug to trap the animals.

As a result, many wolfs were trapped and killed in the area of Woolpit.

It’s now believed that the ghost of one of those slayed wolfs still haunts the area…

Now there’s a story within the village that a local farmer thought one of his young calves was stuck in a large hole in the ground.

Upon investigation he was shocked to see a massive wolf bounding out of the hole.

He quickly ran to get his gun but on returning to the hole he couldn’t find the creature anywhere.

In fact, after looking extensively around the area, he discovered that there was no evidence that the wolf had ever been there at all…

No paw prints, nothing!

He concluded that what he actual witnessed was a ghostly apparition of a wolf which many moons ago was most probably trapped and killed in the area.

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