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haunted hotel

Haunted: The City Lodge (The Catherine Wheel), Salisbury, Wiltshire

22/09/2017 |

The Haunting of the Catherine Wheel

You’ll find the City Lodge hotel situated along Milford Street in the city.

The Grade II* listed building dates back to the 15th century when it started life out as a merchant’s house.

Before … Read More

Haunted: The Royal Hotel, Winchester, Hampshire

15/09/2017 |

The Haunting at the Royal Hotel

You find the 16th century Royal Hotel situated along Winchester’s St Peter Street.

There’s a plaque at the hotel which states…

This hotel, built in the reign of Charles II, was once known as … Read More

Haunted: The Peacock Hotel, Shrewsbury, Shropshire

11/09/2017 |

The Haunting of the Peacock Hotel

Chez has sent me her ghost stories of events which happened to her and her brother when they were kids whilst they lived at the Peacock Hotel in Shrewsbury…

Years ago my parents had … Read More

3 Haunted Welsh Castles You Can Actually Stay the Night In

05/09/2017 |

The Craig-y-Nos Castle Hotel, Pen-y-cae

Craig-y-Nos is a Victorian-Gothic country house situated in the upper Swansea Valley next to the River Tawe.

It dates back to 1841 when it was built by the county magistrate and a High Sheriff of … Read More

3 Haunted Hotels in Dumfries and Galloway

05/09/2017 |

The Comlongon Castle Hotel, Clarencefield

You’ll find Comlongon Castle Hotel in the countryside to the west of the small village of Clarencefield.

The Grade A listed 15th century Comlongon Castle is actually a five storey tower house.

Local legend says … Read More

Haunted: Dryburgh Abbey Hotel, Dryburgh, Melrose

04/09/2017 |

The Haunting of the Dryburgh Abbey Hotel

Dryburgh Abbey Hotel is a baronial country house hotel located next to the ruins of Dryburgh Abbey on the banks of the River Tweed.

The building dates back to 1845 when it was … Read More

3 Haunted Hotels in Chester

02/09/2017 |

The George and Dragon Hotel, Chester

The George and Dragon pub is a Victorian building situated along the High Street not too far from Chester’s historical Northgate arch.

The black and white timber pub is said to be haunted by … Read More

Haunted: The Choughs Hotel, Chard, Somerset

01/09/2017 |

The Haunting of Choughs Hotel

The 17th century Choughs Hotel is situated on the High Street of the Somerset town of Chard.

The Choughs hasn’t always been a hotel…

At one time it was a school and at another it … Read More

Haunted: The Old Hall Hotel, Sandbach, Cheshire

01/09/2017 |

The Haunting of the Old Hall Hotel

The timber-framed Grade I listed Old Hall Hotel in Sandbach dates back to 1656.

If you’re a Most Haunted fan then cast your mind back to Series 5 when the team with Gaby … Read More

Haunted: The Royal Victoria Hotel, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex

07/08/2017 |

The Hauntings of the Royal Victoria Hotel

A dark shadowy figure of a man has been witnessed by guests in the corner of one of the hotel’s rooms.

The ghostly figure is believed to be the ghost of a wealthy … Read More