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haunted houses

3 Haunted Houses in Greater London

26/08/2017 |

Carew Manor, Sutton

Legend says that both the ghosts of Elizabeth I and Sir Walter Raleigh haunt the surrounding area of Carew Manor especially along the narrow alley that leads from London Road to Croydon Road called Bunkers Alley.

Both … Read More

3 Haunted Houses in Bentley

20/08/2017 |

Jenkyn Place, Bentley

The most well-known ghost at Jenkyn Place is that of Mrs Waggs or Mrs Mopps.

Nobody knows exactly who she was but many believe that she may’ve been a former housekeeper.

Her ghostly apparition is mainly seen … Read More

3 Haunted Houses in Essex

21/06/2017 |

Layer Marney Tower, Layer Marney

It’s said that the ghost of Lord Marney is not too happy with how his beloved palace ended up looking… it’s not to his liking!

And, he shows his displeasure by haunting the tower.

It’s … Read More

9 Haunted Houses in the UK

21/06/2017 |

Abbey House, Cambridge

You’ll find the 16th century mansion of Abbey House in the Barnwell area of Cambridge near to the old Barnwell Priory site.

At one time Abbey House was said to be the most haunted house in England!

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