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haunted suffolk

Haunted: St Stephen’s Church, Ipswich, Suffolk

29/06/2017 |

The Haunting of St Stephen’s Church

Along St Stephen’s Lane you’ll find St Stephen’s Church…

The 15th century church was sadly abandoned for many years but it’s now been renovated and is home to Ipswich’s Tourist Information Centre.

The members … Read More

Haunted: Ancient House, Ipswich, Suffolk

29/06/2017 |

The Haunting of Ancient House

Along the Buttermarket thoroughfare on the corner of St Stephen’s Lane is a magnificent 15th century building called Ancient House…

It’s also known as Sparrowes House as it was in the ownership of the Sparrowes … Read More

3 Haunted Churches in Suffolk

28/06/2017 |

The Holy Trinity Church, Barsham

The round tower of the Holy Trinity Church in Barsham is not the only unusual feature of this pretty Suffolk church.

It also has a thatched nave and stunning 16th century flint lattice work on … Read More

3 Haunted Places in Bungay

28/06/2017 |

Bungay Castle, Bungay

In the middle of Bungay there are the remains of the 12th century Bungay Castle.

The original Norman castle was first built by Roger Bigod of Norfolk in the 1100s.

His son, the powerful Earl Hugh Bigod … Read More

3 Haunted Places in Framlingham

28/06/2017 |

Framlingham Castle, Framlingham

There’s been a castle at Framlingham since 1148.

The original castle was a Norman construction but this was totally destroyed by Henry II after the revolt of 1173-74.

Soon afterwards, the powerful Earl of Norfolk Roger Bigod … Read More

3 Haunted Places in Sudbury

28/06/2017 |

The Mill Hotel, Sudbury

Along Walnut Tree Lane in Sudbury there’s an old water mill which has now been converted into a rather nice hotel.

It’s believed that a mill has stood on this site on the river for at … Read More

Haunted: St Gregory’s Church, Sudbury, Suffolk

28/06/2017 |

The Haunting of St Gregory’s Church

Back in the late 1300s one of the Sudbury’s citizens, the Archbishop of Canterbury Simon Sudbury, came a cropper at the Tower of London.

You see, at the time the Archbishop wasn’t too popular … Read More

Haunted: Brundon Hall, Sudbury, Suffolk

28/06/2017 |

The Haunting Brundon Hall

Just north of Sudbury near the Brundon water mill you’re find the Grade II* listed Brundon Hall.

The 18th century Brundon Hall has an amazing ghost story associated with it.

Back in 1785 it was reported … Read More

Haunted: Christchurch Mansion, Ipswich, Suffolk

28/06/2017 |

The Hauntings at Christchurch Mansion

Situated in Ipswich’s Christchurch Park is the splendid Christchurch Mansion…

Today, this Grade I listed Tudor mansion is a museum which is well known for its collection of Constable and Gainsborough paintings.

But the collection … Read More

Haunted: The Nutshell, Bury St Edmunds

28/06/2017 |

The Hauntings at the Nutshell

The Nutshell on the corner of the Traverse is one of the smallest pubs in England.

The building dates back to the 1800s and it has a few ghostly tales to tell…

The upstairs is … Read More