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haunted wood

Haunted: Thorncombe Wood, Dorchester, Dorset

06/11/2017 |

The Hauntings of Thorncombe Wood

You’ll find Thorncombe Wood just to the north-east of the Dorset county town of Dorchester.

The mixed woodland site has an ancient Roman road passing through it.

Visitors to the wood have reported hearing a … Read More

Haunted: Folly Wood, Easterton, Wiltshire

30/09/2017 |

The Haunting of Folly Wood

You’ll find Folly Wood situated between Easterton and Eastcott.

The wood is said to be haunted by the ghost of a local 18th century gentlemen called Seymour Wroughton.

He died on New Year’s Eve in … Read More

3 Haunted Woods in Essex

07/09/2017 |

Hockey Woods, Hockley

Hockley Woods is a wild wood covering over 130 hectares.

A phantom aircraft crash in Hockley Woods was reported to local police back in 1973.

A witness called the police after hearing what sounded like a light … Read More

Haunted: Binsted Woods, Arundel, West Sussex

11/08/2017 |

The Haunting of Binsted Woods

Spirits and demon dogs are said to wander Binsted Woods after dark.

Spooked visitors to the woods after nightfall have reported hearing eerie screams in the area of the shrine to the Virgin Mary and … Read More

Haunted: Gladwish Wood, Burwash, East Sussex

06/08/2017 |

The Haunting of Gladwish Wood

Terrified witnesses walking in the wood have reported seeing a ghostly apparition of man wandering around it.

They describe him as wearing ragged clothing from the 19th century and clutching at his neck.

Many believe … Read More

Haunted: Park Wood, Pluckley, Kent

03/08/2017 |

The Haunting of Park Wood

There was once a wooded area in Pluckley called Park Wood where it’s said that in the 18th century a local army colonel sadly committed suicide by hanging himself from one of the trees.

Today … Read More

Haunted: Dering Wood, Pluckley, Kent

03/08/2017 |

The Haunting of Dering Wood

Some people have reported hearing spine chilling ghostly screams coming from the woodland known as Dering Wood which is located just on the outskirts of the village.

Many people believe that the ghostly screams are … Read More

Haunted: Tewin Wood, Tewin, Hertfordshire

08/07/2017 |

A Haunting Near Tewin Wood

A lady who lived near to Tewin Wood was washing her car on day when she suddenly felt as though somebody was behind her…

Spinning around she came face to face with a beautiful tall … Read More

Haunted: Potsford Wood, Wickham Market, Suffolk

26/06/2017 |

The Hauntings of Potsford Wood

Just west of Wickham Market along the B1078 is a spooky wooded area called Potsford Wood.

Potsford Wood is infamous in this part of Suffolk for having the remains of a 17th century gibbet within … Read More