10 haunted places in Norfolk

Thetford Warren Lodge

Thetford Warren Lodge is said to date back to the 1400s. You’ll find it a couple of miles west of Thetford just off the B1107.

An apparition of a faceless man in blue and cream clothing has been seen by terrified witnesses at the lodge.

Some people believe that the ghostly man is in fact a leper victim from the medieval times.

You see, there was once a medieval leper colony in the countryside close to the lodge at that time.

Others believe he’s a ghost of a former warrener still protecting his lodge.

There’s also a strange local legend of a ghostly white rabbit with flaming red eyes…

If you ever see the rabbit, then I’m afraid it’s curtains for you as he’s supposed to be a bringer of death.

RAF West Raynham

If you’re a Most Haunted fan then you’ll be well aware of RAF West Raynham as the team conducted a seven day live investigation from this former RAF base…

And they proved that it’s very haunted indeed!

The Control Tower, the Armoury, Hangar 3, the Guard’s House, the Chapel, the Sergeant’s Mess, Base HQ, the Officer’s Mess and the Hospital are all said to be haunted.

The Officer’s Mess is said to be haunted by a Polish pilot, the Armoury is said to be haunted by a mechanic, the Control Room is said to be haunted by a poltergeist, the Chapel is said to be haunted by a black shadowy figure and the Sergeant’s Mess is said to be haunted by a green ghostly figure.

The Muckleburgh Collection

Back in 2003 Most Haunted visited the Muckleburgh Collection at Weybourne.

The Muckleburgh Collection is the largest privately owned military museum in the UK. It was set up by Berry Savory.

The museum is located on the former Weybourne Anti-Aircraft Training Camp.

Members of staff at the museum have witnessed spirit lights at night by the old pill box.

Some say that the ghostly lights are created by the spirits of six ATS girls who were tragically killed in the area.

The Russian T34 tank is said to be haunted, it’s often heard cooling down even though it hasn’t been started up for a long time.

Severe temperature drops are known to happen in the area around the tank.

Phantom footsteps have been heard by terrified witnesses walking down the corridor towards the office which itself is said to be haunted by a poltergeist.

Witnesses have been scared stiff by eerie groans, phantom screams and shouting coming from one of the old military ambulances on display.

The Scole Inn

The Scole Inn is located a stone’s throw away from Diss.

It’s an old coaching inn which dates to 1655. It was built by a wealthy Norwich merchant called John Peck.

Back in 1750, a young woman called Emma was staying at the inn and was violently murdered by her jealous husband.

Her spirit is now said to haunt the old inn…

Her ghostly apparition has been seen by terrified witnesses on the stairs, in the bar area and in one of the inn’s bedrooms.

Norwich Castle

The Scheduled Ancient Monument and Grade I listed Norwich Castle was built by William the Conqueror after the Norman invasion.

Today it’s a heritage site and a museum.

On one occasion the museum’s members of staff were scared witless when they saw a ghostly apparition of an old lady floating off the ground within the museum.

In 1820, terrified prisoners at the castle witnessed the apparition of a Victorian lady dressed in black.

The Black Lady could be the same apparition the museum staff witnessed!

A gruesome apparition of the rotting body of the rebel leader Robert Kett has been seen hanging in a cage from the top of the castle by shocked witnesses whilst walking pass the castle.

Cromer Pier

The Pavilion Theatre and the Cromer Lifeboat Station at the end of the 1902 Grade II listed Cromer pier is said to be very haunted.

Again, if you’re a Most Haunted fan you’ll already know this as the team did an investigation here in 2009.

The Pavilion Theatre is said to be haunted by an Irish impresario called Dick Condon, the ghostly apparition of a man in a tall black hat and an ashen face man with jet black hair.

A lot of poltergeist activity has been reported in the bar area of the theatre.

The lifeboat station and the surrounding area is said to be haunted by the spirits of past lifeboatmen, long lost sailors and spirits from the lost medieval town of Shipden which is just off the coast of Cromer under the sea.

Back in 1937, visitors to the priory ruins heard phantom monks reading, chanting and singing in Latin.

Thetford Priory

The ruins of a 12th-century Cluniac priory in Thetford are surprisingly said to be haunted by ghostly monks…

In 1937, terrified witnesses heard the sound of monks chanting and singing in Latin.

And in 1992, scared teenagers hanging out amongst the priory ruins heard the clinking of keys before seeing the apparition of a monk run straight past them.

The most famous sighting of ghostly monks happened in 1987 when Christian Jensen-Romer and his friends witnesses a terrifying apparition of a monk descending some stairs which today are no longer present.

Their ghostly encounter was featured in the Ghosthunters documentary called Ripples in Time.

Adam and Eve Pub, Norwich

The Adam and Eve Pub located in Bishopgate is said to be the oldest pub in Norwich as well as being very haunted too…

Some say the ghost at the Adam and Eve pub is Lord Sheffield who was killed during the Kett’s Rebellion.

Extreme hot and cold spots have been recorded in the pub.

Members of staff have reported hearing phantom footsteps and have felt someone touch them on their shoulder and have had their hair pulled.

In 2006, a terrified witness saw a gruesome apparition of a ghostly hand holding a severed head!

The upper floors of Castle Rising are said to be haunted by Queen Isabella’s mad ghost!

Castle Rising

The mad spirit of Queen Isabella of France is said to haunt the upper floors of the castle.

Terrified visitors to the castle and locals alike have reported hearing the hysterical screams and manic laughter of Isabella coming from the ancient fortress.

Chris Halton from Haunted Earth visited the castle and concluded that the Keep fore building is the most active area within the castle.

His team members heard a ghostly woman’s voice, an unexplained tapping on the window and smelt a strong smell of tobacco whilst they were filming his video at the castle.

The Maids Head Hotel, Norwich

The grade II listed Maids Head Hotel situated on Palace Street is said to be haunted by a former mayor.

His ghostly apparition has been seen by shocked witnesses shaking his head whilst walking around the hotel’s courtyard.

A former maid dressed in grey has also been witnessed within the hotel…

Apparently the witnesses have smelt the strong scent of lavender once she had disappeared!