3 Haunted Hotels in Hertfordshire

The Theobalds Park Hotel, Cheshunt

Just outside Cheshunt in the historic Cedars Park you’ll find the stately home of Theobalds Palace.

Today, the red brick and white stone Georgian mansion is a luxury hotel called Theobalds Park.

The mansion has a reputation for being haunted…

Whilst investigating the Carpenter’s Lounge area of the house a female paranormal investigator reported to have been viciously scratched by an unknown entity.

Checking her back she discovered to have a long nasty scratch on her skin.

It was remarkable that anything could’ve actually scratched her at that time because she had three layers of clothing on to keep herself warm!

Scared witnesses have often reported hearing phantom footsteps wandering around the Carpenter’s Lounge and lobby areas.

In 1878, the wealthy brewing magnate and owner of Theobalds Palace, Sir Henry Meux, married a flamboyant barmaid called Valerie.

As you can imagine this caused a scandal in polite society at the time!

It’s said that the ghostly apparition of Lady Valerie Meux has been witnessed on the main staircase of the house.

Did you know that Lady Meux was an avid collector of antiquities?

At one time she actually possessed a cursed Egyptian mummy in a sarcophagus.

It’s said that the sarcophagus was sold to an overseas collector and placed on a rather famous ship to be sent out to him…

That ship was the Titanic!

The most haunted room at hotel is said to be Room 221.

Spooked guests staying in that room often request to be moved because they feel something trying to pull their bed sheets of them in the middle of the night.

Some say they even hear an eerie male voice whispering to them!

Room 221 isn’t the only room at the hotel said to be haunted.

You see, Rooms 215 and 216 are also said to have had paranormal activity happening within them.

Ghostly apparitions have been witnessed in both rooms…

On one occasion a poor lady guest got the shock of her life whilst sitting up in bed one night.

She noticed her discarded clothes being dragged across the bedroom floor by an unseen entity!

Room 107 and the hallway outside it are also said to be paranormal hotspots.

Members of staff have reported being grabbed by something unknown here.

In 1888, Lady Meux bought Sir Christopher Wren’s Temple Bar with which she created a new entrance to the estate.

The ancient monument of Temple Bar was once one of the old gateways into London.

In its time, decapitated highwaymen heads were mounted on pikes and displayed from its roof as a warning!

Today, Temple Bar has been returned to the City of London and is located in Paternoster Square.

Before it was returned, a hotel member of staff had a rather spooky experience one day when she drove past it in her car.

As she passed the Temple Bar she glanced in her rear view mirror and thought she saw a figure sitting in the back of her vehicle.

Knowing that she was alone in the car she just put it down to a trick of the light.

When she reached her home, she got out of her car and started to walk up her pathway to her house when suddenly she felt an almighty push in her back.

Spinning around to catch the culprit she discovered that she was totally alone!

The Hertford House Hotel, Hertford

There’s a grand looking building along Fore Street called the Hertford House Hotel.

This building hasn’t always been a hotel…

In fact, for many years it was the premises of the Hertfordshire Mercury.

And it was during this time that a lot of paranormal events were reported to take place within the building by terrified members of staff.

One night one of the members of staff was working late alone in the building when suddenly the lights in the office started to flicker on and off.

He then heard the handle of the office door moving so he turned around to get a better look only to find the door handle moving up and down on its own accord.

He thought someone was playing a trick on him so he searched the building but discover that he was the only one working late that night.

As he returned to his desk the office lights went totally out.

And for a moment he was left in total pitch darkness before they came back on again.

Again, the door handle started to move up and down on its own accord.

This was all too much for his nerves and he decided to go home.

One Sunday another member of staff was locking up when he suddenly heard a door slamming shut somewhere in the building.

Thinking that the building was in the progress of being burgled he dial 999.

A police dog handler quickly arrived with a large German Shepherd Dog.

The officer sent the dog into the cellar and shut the door behind him…

A few moments later the dog was scratching at the door trying to get out.

The policeman opened the door and the dog shot out like a rocket with its hackles raised!

The pair searched the remainder of the building but didn’t find any burglars.

They came across one office which had a bunch of keys in the door which were swinging wildly as though someone had just entered it…

The officer rushed into the office ready for action only to find that the room was totally empty!

There are a couple of theories to who haunts the building…

One is the spirit of a machine operator who died on the premises in the area where the offices were located.

In fact, one terrified member of staff actually witnesses the ghostly apparition of a man walk through an office wall here.

The other spirit is of a maid who was said to have been murdered by a butler in the house many years ago.

She’s said to haunt the cellar!

The White Hart Hotel, St Albans

The stunning 15th century White Hart Hotel is situated on Holywell Hill.

The ancient black and white coaching inn is said to be one of the oldest buildings in the city.

Like many of Britain’s old coaching inns the White Hart has a reputation for being haunted…

Spooked members of staff and guests alike have witnessed shadowy figures throughout the hotel.

Heavy barrels which had been stacked neatly where often heard moving around the cellar on their own accord in the middle of the night.

Upon inspection of the cellar in the morning the heavy barrels were discovered to be scattered all over the place.

These barrels were very heavy which only strong men could move!

The cellar lights would also switch on and off on their own accord.

And the cellar door would constantly lock itself without the use of the key.

The apparition of a little girl has been seen standing by the fireplace in the bar area…

And whilst we’re on the subjects of fireplaces, one witness saw the fireplace in Room 7 engulfed in flames which was really strange because that fireplace has been bricked up for many years!

Terrified members of staff and guests alike have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a woman believed to be Elizabeth Wilson.

Elizabeth Wilson tragically died at the hotel in 1820.

You see, she was sitting on top of the Northampton coach as it drove through the archway which leads to the stable yard at the back of the building.

She forgot to duck her head and was fatally injured when she hit the archway!

On one occasion a guest staying in Room 8 reported that he saw a ghostly apparition of a man sitting on his bed…

Not only that, but a message suddenly appeared on his bedroom mirror.

It read MEET ME IN ROOM 7 at 7.30!

The guest reported the paranormal writing to the manager downstairs.

The manager inspected the room and wiped the mirror clean whilst the guest was still downstairs.

The manager then went back downstairs and told the guest that she had wiped the mirror clean so he could return to his room.

Within a few minutes of the guest returning to his room he’d came back saying that the writing had reappeared!

Other guests staying in the same room had reported waking up in the morning to find bathroom towels mysteriously strewn across the bedroom floor.