Discover the Ghosts of Cambridge’s Sidney Sussex College

Sidney Sussex College is situated in Cambridge city centre towards one end of Sidney Street.

The college dates back to 1596 when it was founded by Frances Sidney, Countess of Sussex.

Probably the most famous person to have studied at the college was Oliver Cromwell.

Two years after Cromwell died the monarchy was re-established.

Cromwell’s body was exhumed, hanged and his head was severed from its body and displayed on a pole at Westminster Hall for twenty years!

In the 1960s, Cromwell’s head was presented to the college by Dr Wilkinson and was laid to rest in a secret spot in the ante-chapel.

In the late 1960s students reported sudden temperature drops and the smell of rotting meat in their rooms.

On one occasion one student saw the apparition of a blue eye staring at her in her room.

And on another occasion a student saw the apparition of a floating pale yellow decapitated head.

Many people believe that this gruesome sighting was the ghostly head of Oliver Cromwell!

This apparition hasn’t been seen since that time but another manifestation has been witnessed by students regularly at the college.

The ghost of an elderly University Don dressed in grey has been seen gliding from the college heading towards Christ’s College!