Discover Who Haunts Prittlewell Priory…

GHOSTLY CHILDREN AND MONKS have been reported to haunt Prittlewell Priory!

Today, Prittlewell is a borough of Southend-on-Sea on the south coast of Essex.

Not many people know this, but it was historically the original town with Southend-on-Sea being literally the south end of Prittlewell.

It’s believed that there’s been a settlement along the Prittle Brook at Prittlewell since the Stone Age.

The Romans liked it… they had a settlement in the Priory Park area!

And the Saxons followed the Romans. It’s believed that it was an important area for them as a significant Saxon chamber tomb was discovered by archaeologists in 2003…

If you’re a fan of the TV series Time Team, then you would’ve most probably watched the episode about the tomb called The King of Bling!

In the 12th century Robert de Essex founded Prittlewell Priory.

The priory was later closed by Henry VIII at the time of the Dissolution of the Monasteries.

As you can see, Prittlewell has a long and eventful history especially around the Priory Park area…

Prittlewell Priory is said to be haunted by a ghostly monk!

The Ghosts of Prittlewell Priory

Prittlewell Priory was founded in 1110 as a cell of the Cluniac Priory of St Pancras, Lewes.

It’s said that the priory is haunted by a ghostly monk.

Now there are a few theories as of who exactly this ghostly monk is…

In the 1960s, an archaeological dig unearthed the skeleton of a man who they believed was once a monk at the priory.

The way the monk’s body had been buried suggested that whoever had buried him wanted to disgrace him in his final moments of life.

You see, his head had been decapitated and placed facing down in the earth so that he was looking in the direction of hell!

In 1321, the Prior of Lewes violently took control of Prittlewell Priory by killing Prior William who was the person in charge of the priory at that time.

Some say that Prior William is the disgraced monk who haunts the priory!

Another tale says that the ghost at the priory is in fact a monk who fell in love with a local girl but was found out by the monastic authorities.

It’s said that they executed him and imprisoned the heartbroken girl somewhere in the priory.

Is the poor love-struck monk the ghost who haunts the priory looking for his beloved?

Another story is a darker one…

It suggests that the ghostly monk who haunts the priory was once a resident monk who was discovered practicing black magic resulting in him being executed by the monastic authorities!

Whoever the monk is, scared witnesses have often seen his ghostly apparition in the area which was once the minstrel’s gallery.

This area seems to be a hot spot for a lot of paranormal activity…

In 1987, two of the prior’s members of staff swear blind that they heard the eerie sound of phantom children playing and laughing in the area of the old minstrel’s gallery.

Some people believe that these ghostly children are the spirits of the Scratton family children who once lived at the priory.

Terrified witnesses have also seen the ghostly apparition of the monk gliding along the path which leads from the original cloisters to the church.

And, the poor monk has also been blamed for panicking the ducks on the priory pond!

Now, did you know the ghostly monk isn’t the only phantom at the priory?

There’s another ghostly apparition witnessed around the priory pond.

Many moons ago, it’s believed that a bride tragically drowned in the priory pond…

And now it’s said that her sad ghost haunts this area!

You know, there’s another spirit which is said to walk the grounds of the priory.

A former owner of the priory is said to have committed suicide by slitting his throat…

Apparently he cut his throat so deep that he nearly decapitated himself.

And now it’s said that his gruesome semi-decapitated ghost roams the priory grounds!

And last but not least…

There’s a road called Priory Crescent next to Priory Park which used to be the home to a small industrial estate.

Well this industrial estate was built on the burial grounds of Prittlewell Priory.

And as a result, a lot of paranormal activity has been reported within this area.

Scared witnesses have seen ghostly dark figures walking around the site!