Here’s an Easy Way to Get Better Quality Paranormal Video Footage!

In the past, I’ve discussed with you what the best camcorders and still cameras to invest in for ghost hunting.

Now, you can buy the best camcorders and cameras on the market but there is one piece of equipment that all videographers and photographers use to get better results.

That piece of equipment is a good quality sturdy tripod.

A good quality tripod will reduce the risk of camera shake and will almost guarantee sharp results.

Get a tripod which is correct for your height and one which is not too heavy for you to lug around.

Owning a lightweight tripod is nice to have if you’re not built like Arnold Schwarzenegger and intend to do most of your investigating indoors.

But, if you intend to do some outdoor investigating you will probably need to invest in a heavier tripod as they are less prone to movement in windy conditions.

One note about using tripods in windy conditions, for best results always extend the legs to get your right shooting height before extending the tripod’s centre column.

If your camcorder or camera is a high quality heavier unit, then I would advise that you go with a sturdy tripod which unfortunately means heavier.

If weight is a problem to you and you have a good budget, you can always opt for some carbon-fibre legs which are lighter but also very stable.

Go for a tripod which is not in a single unit, this way you can combine tripod heads and legs to your preference.
Velbon, Manfrotto, Gitzo, Slik, Giottos and Benbo are all good leading brands of tripods…

Manfrotto 190 and 055 legs are great value for money!

Budget tripods tend to be an all in one piece of kit.

Having a tripod with detachable legs and heads will give you more options especially when it comes to getting the right tripod head for you.

The two main types of tripod heads are the pan-and-tilt and the ball-and-socket designs.

Both are designed with a quick-release plate which will enable you to quickly swap cameras or camcorders when needed.

The pan-and-tilt tripod head moves on three axes, forward and back, horizontal and left to right.

The ball-and-socket design smoothly rotates around a sphere which you can then lock into your desired position.

Both designs have their pluses and minuses, it’s really a matter of taste, so why not give both ago and see which one you find most easy to use.

Whichever design you plump for, always have a couple of detachable plates for them.

And remember to take them on your investigations with you…

It’s always nice to a have a backup!