How Big Does Your Ghost Hunting Team Need to Be?

Before you start any paranormal investigation, you need to think how big your team needs to be…

Most ghost hunting groups tend to like to keep on the small size with members who trust and know each other very well, normally family members and very close friends.

A small size group of no more than four people is great for small locations such as domestic houses but what if you want to investigate a larger property?

Generally speaking, the larger the group, the harder it is to manage a successful paranormal investigation. All types of things can go wrong to contaminate your evidence and render the investigation pointless.

If you want to investigate a large location such as a castle just bring along enough people to get the job done professionally, don’t bring more than ten people.

Remember that your team needs to be as diverse as possible with different genders, ages and skill sets.

One more point, as a general rule, it is best not to do an investigation on your own especially if that investigation is one that is outdoors.