How Much Equipment Do You Need to Take on a Ghost Hunt?

If you have a large ghost hunting team, then you should appoint one person as an equipment manager. Their sole responsibility is to check, look after and maintain all the equipment.

They need to make sure that the equipment is charged up before use and is in good working order. Spare batteries also need to be charged up and camera lenses need to be clean and dust free.

If you have a small amateur group and individuals own certain equipment, then those individuals are in charge of cleaning, charging and bringing along their equipment.

The equipment manager is in charge of evaluating how much equipment to bring along. This depends on the size of the location you are investigating, how many team members you have and what type of phenomenon you expect to encounter.

As a rule of thumb, for each area you wish to investigate, you should bring a camcorder, movement sensor, a digital recorder, environmental sensors and maybe a trigger object.

On top of that, you will need remote controls, power leads, memory cards, instruction manuals, adapters, chargers, extension leads, batteries, torches, watches, gaffer tape, post-it notes, blu-tack, food, tape measures, rubbish bags, first-aid kit, multi-tool or small tool kit, compass, pens, notepads and good strong carrying cases or holdalls preferably ones with wheels.

Remember, the more equipment you have, the longer it will take to set up and take down and the more video and audio recording equipment you use, the more time it will take to review what you have captured.

One more thing to remember, make sure you wear appropriate clothing, wear warm, waterproof if needed, comfortable and safe clothing which will help you conduct a good investigation.