How to Conduct a Walk-Through?

Before you start any investigation, it’s vital that you do a walk-through with the owner or with permission from the owner of the location and preferably in daylight if you can.

The walk-through is basically to gather information about the lay of the land…

Draw a map of the location and sketch room layouts and area plans.

Ask the owners if any structural changes have been made to the building.

Make notes on the whereabouts of alleged hot spots, off limits areas, dangerous areas, noisy areas, power sources, entrances and exits, windows, air conditioning units, lighting, plug sockets and loose floorboards.

If you conduct your walk-through with a witness, ask them to show you where they witness their paranormal event. Note the area and check out whether there is any rational explanation for what they witnessed.

Take reference photographs as you conduct your walk-through and note any areas which you feel uneasy in.

Whilst conducting your walk-through have a team member take readings of the average ambient temperature and electromagnetic field (EMF) base readings.

After conducting your walk-through with the witness, note which areas that you think you are likely to get some sort of paranormal activity when you start your investigation proper.

Now choose an area which you would like to set up your ‘hub’, your investigation base. Pick an area which is far away as possible to your hot spots and areas which are likely to get some activity. The areas must have plenty of plug sockets, have table and chairs or be big enough to accommodate table and chairs for your team.

If you want to run cables from your hub to other areas within the location, measure out the distance to make sure that your cable length can reach.

So there you have it, how to conduct a walk-through!