How to Conduct a Walkabout?

In my last post I discussed with you the lockdown which is the first session of a ghost hunting investigation. Today I’m going to talk about the second session… the walkabout.

The walkabout is basically when the team members get a chance to walk around the areas of interest.

There needs to be kept a strict log of who is where at any particular time, most ghost hunting groups normally allocate a team member to follow investigating groups with a camcorder to log their activities.

The team members need to be quiet whilst on a walkabout, if phenomenon is witness, as much information needs to be logged, information such as EM field readings and temperature readings. You could even try an EVP experiment by asking some questions and waiting for a reply whilst recording on an audio recorder.

The walkabout is a good investigatory method to experience apparitions, smells, being touched, seeing objects move, feeling temperature drops, seeing light anomalies and in some cases witnessing equipment malfunctioning and batteries draining.

If you do witness anything anomalous, keep an open mind and try to discover whether it was caused by something more earthly.

If you discover that trigger objects or furniture seem to have moved, take some photos as evidence to compare with the ones you took before your investigation started.

At the end of your walkabout session, return to the hub.

Well that’s the walkabout for you, next time I will tell you how to bring your ghost hunting investigation to a close.