How to Detect a Ghost with an EMF Meter?

Today I’m going to tell you a little about EMF meters…

But first let me explain what EMF meters measure, they measure electromagnetic radiation which is all around us. Electromagnetic fields are produced by electrical devices and electric cables.

Electric fields are always present where there are electric devices whether they are switched on or off but magnetic fields are only present where there is flowing electricity.

Some ghost hunters believe that ghosts can affect or generate electromagnetic fields, which is why they choose to use EMF meters to try and detect them.

There are two types of EMF meter, the cheaper but less effective single-axis meter and the costly but more accurate tri-axis meter. EMF meters also come in analogue or digital varieties.

If you are looking for an accurate scientific measurement of electromagnetic field, then go for a tri-axis meter but if you are just looking to find and track electromagnetic fields then go for a cheaper single-axis meter.

Most ghost hunters will have both types of EMF meters in their arsenal to cover all eventualities.

You can carry EMF meters with you whilst you are on a walkabout to detect electromagnetic fields, just remember to hold it nice and steady whilst trying to detect any electromagnetic fields.

Another way to use an EMF meter is to leave it in an active area with a camcorder pointing at it, it’s also nice to have an audible alarm on your meter too.

Remember EMF meters can be extremely sensitive, so be wary of electrical devices such TVs, microwave ovens, radios and alarm clocks when investigating domestic locations.

So there you have it in a nutshell… EMF meters!