How to Kick Off Your Ghost Hunting Investigation?

A couple of posts ago we ran through the steps on how to set up your ghost hunting investigation. Well today, I’m going to tell you what steps need to be applied to start your investigation.

With all your team at the hub, you will first need to assign two team members to go to all the areas which you are investigating at your location and switch on all the recording so that it starts to record.

As they leave each area, they need to state that they are leaving that particular area and whatever time and date it is. This announcement must be captured by whatever audio or video device you have started to run.

On leaving the area, they need to switch on all the motion detector sensors and return to the hub.

Once all the team has returned back at the hub, the team leader needs to hand out the investigation log sheets to all the team members.

The log sheets are handed out to all the members so that they can log down any audio or visual observations whether they are explainable or not. If an explanation to the observation viable then that needs to be logged down too.

Any movements by team members throughout the investigation will need to be written down on the log sheets as well.

Before the location investigation starts off properly make sure that all the team member’s mobile phones are totally switched off.

OK, that’s the beginning of the investigation dealt with, next I’m going to discuss the first session… the lockdown!