How to Measure a Cold Spot?

Paranormal investigators get excited when they come in contact with a cold spot or a sudden drop in temperature whilst they are on a vigil.

If the temperature drops more than five degrees centigrade its worth investigating the area.

Many paranormal investigators believe that the sudden drop in temperature is the result of a spirit drawing the energy from the surrounding area in an attempt to manifest.

For this reason, ghost hunters like to keep an eye on the surrounding temperature and to do this they use thermometers.

You can use a traditional mercury thermometer which is very cheap to buy, easy to use and doesn’t need batteries.

But most ghost hunters use digital thermometers because they are fairly accurate and quick to respond to temperature fluctuations.

Before buying a certain type of digital thermometer you need to find out how accurate that thermometer is, does it measure ambient temperature and does it measure in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

The main thermometers which paranormal investigators like to use are hardwire thermometers, remote sensor wireless thermometers and infrared thermometers.

The pistol grip thermometers are typically the ones which you see TV ghost hunters using, they are equipped with a laser pointer, have a backlit LCD readout and are very accurate, quick and easy to use… idea for using indoors!

The remote sensor wireless thermometers are used in a remote area and will alert you when there is a change in the ambient temperature.

The hardwire thermometers are very high-tech unit. They have a very sensitive wire probe which is linked to a sensitive meter with a digital readout. You place the probe in an area which you want to investigate for temperature fluctuations.

When you come across a cold spot whilst you’re on an investigation, always ask yourself what is causing the temperature drop?

It might not be paranormal, it could be an open window or a draft from somewhere or even air conditioning coming on!