How to Record Ghostly Sounds and Noises?

Most paranormal groups use audio recorders to try and capture ghostly sounds and noises, but you can also use them to tape interviews and verbally dictate notes, experiences and instrument readings.

You can get both analogue and digital recorders but most ghost hunting groups prefer to use digital recorders as they don’t suffer from the problems associated with analogue tape recorders and are easy to use but get excellent results.

If you decide to use digital recorders on your investigations, use recorders which record in a lossless file format such as WAV or ATRAC.

Now, if you want to capture good sounds you will need to buy a good microphone. Go for one which covers a good frequency response from 40 Hz to 15000 Hz and is sensitive, in other words a condenser microphone.

Now, you can get microphones which have certain directionality. Omnidirectional microphones pick up sounds from all directions and are good for investigating rooms and unidirectional microphones which are good at pinpointing sounds from one direction. Depending on what type of investigating you are doing, you may want to invest in one type over another, but most paranormal investigating groups like to keep their options open and buy both types of microphones.

A couple more tips for you, make sure your leads have the right connectors, use a microphone stand and try and setup the microphone as far away from your recording device as possible, so a nice long lead is a must!

If you want to eliminate leads, you can now buy wireless microphones which can record sounds and store them straight on your laptop. Most wireless microphone kits come with the microphone, transmitter and receiver.

Once you have captured some ghostly sounds and saved them to your laptop, you can enhance the quality by using audio software.

Some paranormal groups frown on this activity, but if you save the original sound and then make a copy and enhance the copy so you end up with an original and an enhance copy of the sound, you should be able to cover both bases and keep a lot of people happy.

So there you have it, how to record ghostly sounds and noises!