How to Review Your Ghost Hunting Investigation Findings?

Over the last few posts I’ve discussed with you how to conduct a ghost hunting investigation, well today I going to tell you how to review your findings.

First you will need to construct the timeline of the investigation. You do this by going through all the team members log sheets and compiling all the events in time order. Type this out and send copies of it to your team members so that they can use it to start analysing their findings.

Now the hard bit, you will have to go through all the video and audio recordings which you capture during your investigation. To make life a little easier on yourself, make sure that you are not disturbed and only review your recordings for half an hour at a time and then take a five minute break.

If you find anything interesting whilst you are doing your review, write down a brief description of the event and the time it took place.

Once you have completed your review, write down all your findings in time order and give it to the team leader or time logger. Keep your video and audio recordings in a safe place.

Set a meeting with your entire group to discuss your interesting findings and make copies of any audio, video and photographic evidence which you think are worth it.

You have now reviewed your investigation and hopefully you have discovered some interesting paranormal events…

Now you need to write up your findings and make them public and I will be telling you how to do that in the next post.