What Are Intelligent Hauntings?

A couple of posts ago we discussed that residual hauntings are hauntings in which an apparition is witnessed in a location on many different occasions by many different people over a period of years or even centuries.

Today we’re going to discuss what intelligent hauntings are…

Spirits which have a strong connection with a person or a place and haunts that place by trying to get attention from the living…

They are known as intelligent hauntings within the ghost hunting community.

The way in which they get attention is quite remarkable really…

Typical attention grabbing behaviour includes making unexplained noises, opening and closing doors and windows, moving objects, throwing objects, moving furniture, making objects disappear then reappear in another location, creating cold spots, turning on/off lights, TVs, radios and taps and giving the impression that you are being watched.

Spirits associated with intelligent hauntings are believed by paranormal investigators have a strong reason to be haunting a location.

Typically an intelligent haunting is of someone who has passed over and is just trying to comfort or communicate with their living loved ones.

Another type of intelligent haunting is from deceased person who has a strong link with a place, person or object and is just trying to protect them.

Sometimes you even get intelligent hauntings of pets such as cats and dogs which have a strong link with a property!