What Are Residual Hauntings?

From watching paranormal shows on TV you may’ve heard the investigators referring to a haunting as residual, imprinting or even The Stone Tape Theory.

So what are residual hauntings?

Well, if an apparition is witnessed in a location on many different occasions by many different people over a period of years or even centuries, then this haunting is referred to as a residual haunting.

In fact, some paranormal investigators don’t believe that they’re hauntings at all!

Because residual hauntings tend to be of deceased people acting out their everyday duties over and over again at a set time of day.

Some paranormal investigators think that the apparitions are some type of recording of that pass event.

That’s why residual hauntings are also mention in conjunction with The Stone Tape Theory.

Which is a theory that materials found in old buildings such as quartz, iron and slate somehow record events from the past and are played back in the future to witness in certain atmospheric conditions or when the witness is in an emotional state.

A famous residual haunting is that of Anne Boleyn in the Tower of London.

Some paranormal investigators are critical of The Stone Tape Theory, believing that there’s not enough evidence to suggest that witnesses are seeing the exact time event as other witnesses.

They believe that they’re just common hauntings of a residential ghost.

So there you have it, residual hauntings!