What Are Your Ghost Hunting Team’s Ground Rules?

Most paranormal investigation groups have certain ground rules which they adhere to for their investigations.

Here’re some typical ground rules which ghost hunting teams adhere to, whether you choose the same ground rules it’s up to you…

  • Always be respectful and considerate of the investigating property and the owner.
  • Team members should work in pairs.
  • The main goal of any investigation is to get evidence.
  • Be respectful and considerate to your team members.
  • When investigating a new area, a team member must announce themselves.
  • Try to investigate locations with the smallest possible team.
  • Team members should not wear aftershave or perfume.
  • Do not provoke spirits.
  • Team members should not smoke on investigation.
  • Only one team member should speak at one time.
  • Obtain permission to be at a location from the owner.
  • No children should be on the investigation.
  • No whispering.
  • Team members with long hair should tie it back.
  • No drinking alcohol or taking recreational drugs whilst on investigation.
  • Team members should not take anything from the location.

Before starting any investigation make sure all your team members know the ground rules and they adhere to them during the investigation.