What is the Ghost Hunting Scientific Method?

In my last post, I discussed how to act in a professional ghost hunting manner whilst you’re on an investigation.

One main part of this is to keep to a scientific method, but what is the ghost hunting scientific method?

To become a respectable and credible paranormal investigator you must follow a scientific method and have a neutral approach…

So, remain sceptical and open-minded at the same time.

All paranormal phenomena which you uncover must be questioned…

In fact you need to try your best to debunk it!

Ask yourself why this phenomenon has happened and what triggered it?

Has something natural or manmade caused it to occur?

Does the phenomenon happen in a controlled environment?

Can you replicate the phenomenon?

Are there any similarities between your findings and historical findings which you may have found from your research on the location?

Does the phenomenon happen with other researchers in your group or has it happened to other ghost hunting groups whilst they have investigated the location?

What is your explanation for the phenomenon occurrence?

Do others in your group agree with your explanation?

Can you test your explanation for the phenomenon under controlled conditions?

Once you have run through all these steps and you’re happy with your explanation for your findings, it’s time to write them all up and publish them on your website for other’s to read and comment.