What Roles Does Your Paranormal Research Group Need?

To run smooth investigations and maintain a good group dynamic it’s important to assign team roles within your group.

The main roles are team leader, timeline logger, video monitor, sound monitor, photographer and environmental monitor.

If your group has less than six members then you need to double up on roles and if you have more than six members then you need to share roles between two or more people.

The team leader role needs to make sure that the investigation is focused and runs well, he/she also needs to manager the other team members and ensure that they are performing their role well. Normally the team leader will pre-check a location, do the walkthrough and interview witnesses.

The timeline logger role is an important one. They will track the movement of all the team members throughout the investigation to check whether any capture phenomenon is accidently cause by a team member.

The video monitor will remotely monitor video feeds and keep a record of any captured phenomena. They are also responsible for the running of the monitoring equipment on live investigations.

The sound monitor, like the video monitor, will remotely monitor sound feeds and keep a record of any captured sound phenomena that they hear. They are also responsible for the running of the audio recorders on live investigations.

The photographer needs to keep a photographic record of the whole investigation. This includes photographing the setup of equipment within areas, photographing the setup of furniture and trigger objects within rooms as well as trying to capture phenomenon whilst investigating.

The environmental monitor will monitor and record the temperature and humidity of the location throughout the investigation every 5 minutes. It’s especially important for any sudden temperature drop or rise to be logged.

To keep harmony within your group, it’s a good idea to rotate the roles throughout your team.

So there you have it, team member’s roles!