What’s an EVP?

Last week we discussed how to record ghostly sounds and noises, the most talked about ghostly sound is the EVP but what is an EVP?

EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena and it’s the capture of ghostly voices by audio recorders.

Friedrich Jürgenson discovered the first EVP when he was recording birdsongs. He heard a man’s voice instructing him how to record better birdsongs on his recordings. He studied the EVPs he had discovered and wrote a book called Voices From the Universe.

EVPs have been captured all over the world, not only are they captured in different languages but also different accents, dialects and even some ancient forms of languages.

It’s quiet simple to captured EVPs, just visit an active location whilst carrying a digital voice recorder and press record and start asking questions such as ‘What’s your name? How old are you? What’s my name? Do you live here?’ and wait thirty seconds for an answer between questions.

Upload your sound files to your laptop, tweak them a little with some audio software and review them, you may be astounded at what you have captured.

Good luck with capturing your EVPs!