What’s Involved In a Lockdown?

Last post I discussed how to kick off your ghost hunting investigation, today I’m going to tell you how to conduct your first session of that investigation…

Your first session of your investigation needs to be a lockdown with all your team members staying at your hub.

To start the lockdown session the team leader will announce the time and date which the team members should write down on their log sheets. The time logger will also write this time down on their log sheet.

It is best if the team members remain as quiet as possible during this session. The shortest running time of your monitoring equipment tapes should be the duration time of your session unless you start capturing phenomena the session.

Any phenomena which is seen or heard by team members should be written down on their log sheets stating the time and what they had witnessed, the more details the better. They should then announce to the other members of the group that they have witnessed something, but without going into details, so that the other group members can check the equipment they are monitoring for any phenomena.

The team leader will announce the end of the first session when he/she feels it’s time to do so by announcing the time and date and the session is coming to a close. The time logger will write this time down on their log sheet.

It’s now time to check on the monitoring equipment and change tapes and batteries. This should be done by group members in pairs. They should disarm any motion sensors when entering an area and announce their names and time and date upon their arrival. If tapes need to be replaced, remember to mark them with the location and time and date of removal. All equipment should be checked and put on standby and the team members should return to the hub.

This entire team member actively should be logged down by each team member on their log sheets as well as by the time logger oh his/her log sheet.

The next session is the walkabout and I will be telling you how to go about that in the next post.