What’s the Best Time of Day to Go Ghost Hunting?

If like me you’re a big fan of ghost hunting TV series such as Most Haunted and Ghost Adventures you may well believe that the only time to go ghost hunting is at night. This is probably the biggest misconceptions about paranormal investigations out there.

Most paranormal investigators believe that ghost activity can happen at any time and in fact there have been many reported sightings at famous haunted sites during the day.

Now the main reason why ghost hunting TV series probably like to conduct their investigations at night is for dramatic effect, there are other reasons why it might also be a good idea for you to do so too.

Conducting a day time investigation might not be convenient for you. You may other commitments such as working or looking after your kids.

Generally, a night time investigation will be quieter and less likely to be occupied, there’s also the fact that there are some phenomenon such as spooklights or sprite lights which will be easier to witness in low level light conditions.

Now some locations such as stately homes, museums and castles that you may be interested in investigating may not give you permission to access them at night but are open to the public during the day.

When you buy your ticket to have a look around the location, ask permission if you can do a mini investigation. It may be challenging with a noisier environment then what you are used to but, turn on your digital recorder to record EVPs and if you have infrared filters for your camera take some photos too… you never know, you may be pleasantly surprised with your results!

One more note, you may be able to get some witness statements too, ask the tour guides and staff at the location if they have had any ghostly experiences whilst working there.

So there you have it, ghost hunting can be conducted at any time of the day!