What’s the Final Part of Your Ghost Hunting Investigation?

Over the last few posts I’ve discussed with you how to conduct and review a ghost hunting investigation.

Today I’m going to tell you about the last two steps you need to take, writing up your findings and making them public.

It’s important to tell others about your investigation, research and what you’ve discovered on your ghost hunting investigation. It’s important to share because we can all learn more about the paranormal from other investigators.

When you put pen to paper and do a write-up about your investigation include the location and what you discovered on your investigation. Go into detail, make photographs, video and audio evidence accessible and give some detail about atmospheric conditions at the time of the investigation. Be respectful to any witnesses and keep their details private.

Once you have completed your write-up, make it public. You can do this by publishing on your own website, on other paranormal group websites, on paranormal forums, on social media websites such as Facebook and Google+, document sharing websites such as Scribd and paranormal news websites. If you have a large following from online you could even conduct a webinar, tape it and put it on YouTube or a podcast sharing website.

You can also go for the printed word and contact some paranormal journals and offer your write-up to them.

Last but not least, why not give a talk about your investigations, organisations such as local historical societies, the Women’s Institute, paranormal groups and paranormal events will all be pleased to hear from you.

So there you go, how to write up your findings and making them public!